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Forward from the mouth of hell
A beast, a demon, of devilish design
Black skies birthed upon its back
Consume their hope and swallow them whole

Accentuate its appetite, open its stomach as it engulfs these seas Forgive nothing, no vanity, no valor

Erect this terror with drunken tales
Spark fear, burrow the idea deeper than the fact
Terrify those who set sail
Destroying their ships in your wake

Eviscerate their foolish pride
Drowning each one let them plummet
Forgive nothing, no vanity, no valor
No more faith, worship, or prayer

Allow no one to rise from these skeletal depths

I sing for comfort
But the words come out hobbled and weak, heartless and hopeless, heavy with guilt
Broken, old vowels that bend and cripple under reality's gravity, bearing my burdens
I await a sign, a symbol, a notion of acknowledgment that this pleading isn't pointless
Instead I'm greeted with an echo, my own desperate vesper returned to me
Like prayers unanswered, like hymns unheard
I am this tower waiting to fall
To burn at the base and tumble into ruin

I sing for comfort
But my voice can't find a melody, no simple song to hold together these soliloquies
A pitchless tune not carried by the wind, only a sad reflected reversal of sound
Jagged noise, the lonely braying of a sheep invisible to both the wolf and the herd
I'll just keep yelling at faceless skies, stuttering from key to key until they answer me
Until this sea reclaims me, until the future doesn't seem so threatening
Maybe I've committed too much time to running this vessel aground

Face to face, against your best attempts
Awaiting a return of my strength, my faltering will fades
Tossed away from the bridge, falling through depthless waves
Every breath a fight, every ounce of air a relief
I survive! I survive!


from Stay Alive By Staying Out (Demo EP), released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Oh Dae-Su Benicia, California

Punk from East Bay

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